IN UNDER 20 MINUTES You Can Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety by 21% with Tapping

Students therapy

Learn to reduce stress, levels of cortisol, depression, pain, anger, and anxiety.


Emotional freedom


Students say good-bye to fears, phobias related to performance, presentations and the anger that arises when you feel your teacher is biased.


Teacher therapy

Hello my fellow teachers are you stressed about lack of resources, work-life balance and political issues



About me

Greetings, I am Dr Vandana Bhasin having a Doctorate degree in Computer Science and Engineering. This must be really tingling your mind that what is an engineer doing in the healing arena. I am a certified Pranic healer and Preparatory Arhatic level 1 yogi from World Pranic Healing Foundation, Manila. I have forayed into many modalities like Mirror Work with Louis Hay, Angelic Work with Kyle Gray, and all of these moved me one step closer to inner peace and joy.

  • I prefer an individual approach to the patient
  • We always work until the very end
  • What counts is the right approach and commitment

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Tapping has been shown to be effective on a wide range of challenges.


Test Anxiety in High School Students Reduced Significantly After EFT Tapping

In a large study, American researchers examined 312 high school students and identified 70 of them with high-level test anxiety using the Test Anxiety Inventory. They randomly assigned these 70 students to a control group that received progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) techniques or to an experimental group that received EFT Tapping treatment.

EFT Tapping is Shown to Be a Fast, Long-Lasting Treatment for Anxiety

The results showed that 76% of patients treated with EFT experienced complete remission and demonstrated a shift in the red-dominant brain waves seen during the degree of anxiety symptoms. The images shift from red (highly dysfunctional waves) to blue (habitual or normal state), and this corresponded with a decrease in the frequency and intensity of anxiety symptoms.


This is how we


We conduct an environmental interview

We recognize the exact type of the problem

We work together to achieve the goal

We try to end the therapy successfully

What People Are Saying About Tapping

  • Thank you so much Vandana for your help.
    It has been so powerful for me.
    Your calm, gentleness, and patience have been key to my well-being and healing.
    I will always be grateful for what you have done for me.

    Beatrice Dogor
  • I have been working with Vandana for a year now and have had a great experience. She is very professional and has helped me work through personal issues that were holding me back from achieving my goals. I was amazed during my first tapping session with Vandana . She saw straight to the heart of a problem that I didn't really think could change; it was such a hugely limiting, negative belief I'd been carrying for two decades. As we tapped Vandana led me through a process that dissolved the belief until what

    Jannet Griffin
  • I was completely blown away by how much I got from just one session with Mrs. Vandana. After one hour of tapping, I felt a sense of calm I hadn't experienced in years. Thanks to Vandana's guidance and support, I am now able to use the tapping technique on my own, to manage my stress and anxiety levels.