How I work
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This is how I work
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A lot of people are tuned into ignoring their emotional state. These emotions when they are ignored, they become a roadblock and will hold you back from living a life full of zest and happiness. So, I work on identifying these emotional blocks which are holding you back, like fear of losing money, not being able to do it right, fear of looking foolish, any pain or traumatic event and many more. For achieving these results, I work in the following manner.

Disclosure Statement

I am not a medical professional or a psychotherapist (or related licensed professional). My scope of practice is limited to coaching and the energy tools, such as EFT, in which I have been trained. I may suggest a referral to a licensed professional if that seems appropriate based on our work.

We conduct an environmental interview

Register yourself and share your details related to any medical disease diagnosed or any medicines that you are currently taking.

We recognize the exact type of problem

To understand the problem, a warmup session knowing about you in person would be there.

We work together to achieve the goal

Before starting the session, we will also setup a goal in context of the current problem that you are going through and keep a track of the measurement. Sessions would primarily be conducted via Zoom for a duration of one hour to 90 minutes. Notes on all sessions are maintained and start with a brief assessment of your current emotional state. My goal for the practitioner-client relationship is one of mutual respect and the utmost regard for my clients. My job is to provide the necessary tools for self-empowerment and ongoing personal work. And all this work is confidential.

End of session

At the end of each session, we re-evaluate our goal that we had set for the session earlier and see the progress that occurred for us. Due to the nature of the work, I try to be flexible in wrapping up a session.


  • Thank you so much Vandana for your help.
    It has been so powerful for me.
    Your calm, gentleness, and patience have been key to my well-being and healing.
    I will always be grateful for what you have done for me.

    Beatrice Dogor
  • I have been working with Vandana for a year now and have had a great experience. She is very professional and has helped me work through personal issues that were holding me back from achieving my goals. I was amazed during my first tapping session with Vandana . She saw straight to the heart of a problem that I didn't really think could change; it was such a hugely limiting, negative belief I'd been carrying for two decades. As we tapped Vandana led me through a process that dissolved the belief until what

    Jannet Griffin
  • I was completely blown away by how much I got from just one session with Mrs. Vandana. After one hour of tapping, I felt a sense of calm I hadn't experienced in years. Thanks to Vandana's guidance and support, I am now able to use the tapping technique on my own, to manage my stress and anxiety levels.